Capricorn Man And Capricorn Woman Compatibility

A Capricorn in love is wary, self-contained, and often melancholic. Astrologically, these signs square each other, and that means there's friction. Will this mean one or both are rubbed the wrong way? Or will it add a thrilling edge to the romance? First off, Capricorn is level-headed, even in love, and not likely to swoon over Libra's obvious charms. That could be a deal breaker for Libra from the get-go.

The Capricorn goat has a cavernous depth of cool that keeps Libra guessing. Some Caps are super serious until they get to know you better. That is a fun challenge for the pleaser and pleasing Libra. Libras see a chance to win over the hard-to-impress Caps.

Hey there!

It all depends on the timing and other factors in the birth chart—love chemistry could be there due to other factors. Libra quickly realizes that being super-smart and self-reliant will win the goat. Libras can't win the goats by coasting on their looks and wit.

Capricorns are decisive and can be ruthless with their assessment—they might find Libras to be all talk. But the Libra joi de vivre is fresh air for the serious Saturn -ruled Caps if they'll let it in. Libra's light touch goes far to soften things for Capricorn and bring pleasure to everyday life. Thankfully, differences do nothing to hinder the Virgo and Capricorn relationship. Virgo can prove obsessive when it comes to cleanliness and order. Their perfectionist attitude proves a pain right in the buttocks for Capricorn.

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Living with a Virgo who is orderly to an excess makes them next to impossible to please. Capricorn will see it as annoying nitpicking. Each sign in astrology aligns with a polarity. The two polarities include Yin and Yang forces. These forces are feminine and masculine. The reference has nothing to do with gender. Rather, it explains the energetic influence. Yin is feminine is it is passive and sensitive. It is also open and intuitive. Yang energies are masculine. The Yang force is dominant, action-oriented, and forward moving.

The polarities influence personality attributes and behaviors of those born under the sign each polarity influences. Virgo aligns with Yin, but so does Capricorn.