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BPHS states at the start of second part that this method is not for common mortals of Kaliyuga. For example, in the computation of D, there is a clear instruction that the order is reversed in even signs. But while all commentators do reverse the order of the Deities in D , they don't reverse the order of the signs.

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The reason for this is that these commentators have never made use of these finer divisions in actual practice. Same types of astrologers make a D-3 chart with 12 houses and a D-2 chart with 2 houses and forget to take note of the fact that the rules for construction of D-2 and D-3 are similar. In the chapter of Shodashavargas it is written clearly that all divisional charts have 12 houses, while the number of deities in a Shodashavarga is equal to the number of the divisional chart.

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For example, in the Hora chart D-2 , there are two deities :- Sun and Moon. In the D-3 chart, there are 3 deities and in the D chart there are 60 deities. Considering the deities to be identical to the number of houses is wrong. The reason for the introduction of this erroroneous notion is that the Vedas and Vedangas are studied in the Brahmacharya-ashram and sage Parashara has said that to predict correctly one should be in full control of his sense organs essential condition for Brahmacharya.

Theose who do not observe Brahmacharya misinterpret the Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora texts wilfully and make faulty predictions and by doing so they destroy the reputation of Jyotisha. For example, for all matters related to marriage, Shad-vargas 6 vargas are used. For matters related to progeny, Sapta-vargas 7 vargas are used. For matters related to career and important achievements in life, Dashavargas 10 vargas are used. For all matters Shodashavargas 16 vargas are used.

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This was always used in practice traditionally, but contemporary astrologers don't make use of this rule. If one has to judge someone's wealth, lands, vehicles, diseases, learning or other matters then the results of divisionals have to be combined and their vimshopaka strengths have to be assigned or modified accordingly. The rules for these are not mentioned in any text. For example, if one has to judge matters related to wealth in detail in someone's life, then Bhavachalita D-1 , Hora D-2 , Navamsha D-9 and Dashamamsha D must be necessarily analyzed. But the questions arises as to whether D-4, D, D and D should be studied or not.

The answer to this question is that these divisions should be used only in special circumstances and not always. For example, D should be used to study the wealth obtained from the maternal side. D should be used to study the wealth obtained from the paternal side. There are two ways to combine the results obtained from different vargas : 1 Vimshopaka strengths of those vargas and 2 The strength of the planet whose dasha is running exaltation state, Shadbala i.

Those means are 1 Asktakavarga and 2 Sudarshanchakra on the basis of Varsha-pravesha annual charts , Masa-pravesha monthhly charts , Pratyantara-pravesha dasha entry etc. Amongst these, the results from Ashtakavarga are not that strong, but Sudarshanchakra is an important tool for prediction. If it is used properly then one can construct a Bhrigu Samhita, which is unavailable to anyone in the world, using which timing ofevents to the extent of hours, minutes can be feasible. If used with Vimshottari, Sudarshana Chakra etc then Ashtakavarga can also prove to be very useful.

Apart from the major reasons listed above, there are some secondary reasons too which automatically and gradually get resolved once these major hurdles are overcome. The errors which are made in Medini Jyotisha are not being listed here. They will be listed in the relevant articles on this very website itself.

A good doctor needs years of study and practice to become a good doctor.

Saptarishis Astrology

Astrology is a more difficult discipline. Unfortunately, majority of astrologers depend on shortcuts, which is destroying this great science. There are three approaches to Vedic Astrology :. But DAC needs very accurate birth time which is possible only in a handful of cases, and with much difficulty.

Bhrigu Nadi Prasna Reading

Read Standard Method defined below. But now-a-days even this shortcut is not used by astrologers who want to spend less time on a chart. These methods cannot be used by the uninitiated and by those who do not have access to those manuscripts. The custodians of these manuscripts keep their manuscripts secret for financial reasons, which is unfortunate.

There are many frauds in this field too. But the methodology of these techniques have been lost. Planets seated in following houses give good results in the following order, goodness decreasing and maleficence rising as we go rightwards in the following list :. It is a general rule, but for specific topics this general order needs to be changed.

Exalted planets are hughly benefic if they are functionally benefic too. An exalted planet is most strongly malefic if it lords 6H and 11H. This is the chief scale, each ladder on this scale almost doubles the strength. If two planets having same strength on this scale are competing for supremacy, we have to look into shadbala otherwise shadbala should be overlooked. In shadbala scaling, the weak planet has almost half the strength of the strongest planet.

Hence, shadbala scaling shows the finer strength within two levels of the chief scale shown above.

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Combust planets get the traits of Sun and lose their own strengths ; debilitated planets in relation with strong planets also lose their own properties and get the qualities of strong relatives and bahave likewise. That is why combust or debilitated planets sometimes give excellent results. An exalted planet in mrita avastha is not mrita. Any conclusion must be based on taking into consideration all factors. If changes in distance of Moon should have astrological effect. Then, farther planets should not have any appreciable astrological effect on Earth. For instance, physical Saturn is times farther than the Moon, and according to inverse square law, its gravitational and other physical forces should be proportional to inverse of square of distance, ie Saturn's physical forces should be times less than those of Moon for equal mass.

But Saturn is 95 times heavier than Earth and Earth is 81 times heavier than Moon, hence Saturn is nearly times heavier than Moon. Only Sun and Moon have compararable physical forces acting on Earth, Moon being the strongest, and all other planets are thousands of times weaker.

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Hence, physical characteristics of planets like size, mass, distance, gravitation, electric force, magnetism, etc have ZERO role in astrology. It is only a deliberate design of God to give same name to astrological and physical planets so that materialists remain confused and do not get the benefits of a divine discipline like Jyotisha.

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Tghe only proper way to study astrology is to follow the philosophy and guidelines laid down by rishi-based classics and other supportive texts, without tampering with the fundamental tenets of astrology. That is why alternative mechanisms for timing of events are required for users of Drik Ganita. This is an average figure, differences in planetary formulas of SS vs Drik bring about some changes in actual amounts of differences.

In the case of Amitabh Bachchan, during the main part of his career, the difference between Christian Year and Lunar Year timings of Vimshottari was negligible, because difference in calendars was neutralized by difference in longitudes of Moon between SS and Drik, but such cases are few. Analysis of such deviations over a large number of natives led me to believe that Vimshottari Year must be lunar tithi based.

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I was also told by older traditional astrologers that before the popularization of Christian Calendar, Vimshottari Year was Lunar. My basic philosophy is that any astrological rule must never be applied in isolation. If you have a very strong and dominant Jyotishi-yoga in your chart, you will never ask questions to other mortals, and God will help you to find out correct prediction intuitively either without seeing the horoscope or by means of very simple horoscope eg, mere rasi chart.

Although finding out the currently dominant chart is very difficult and requires scrutiny of all above charts, in actual case studies published in books and online, we can publish only the summaries and not the great details, which sometimes gives the impression that the astrologer uses only a shortcut. Due to this confusion, most of the modern astrologers now use shortcuts, which generally cheat them. But there is another side of this coin : one astrologer wrote that traditional astrologers did not use the vast plethora of tools and techniques now easily available in astrological softwares, and made correct predictions on the basis of few tools mostly based on D-1, and therefore their SIMPLE technique needs to be re-discovered.

Here is the solution :. Due to three factors :. In practical chart reading for those persons who come to me for seeking help, I do not need to look into great details in a vast majority of cases, because severity of the problem helps me to diagnose it quickly. Sometimes, I need not even look at the horoscope. Litt who had some knowledge of Jyotisha too. In the first meeting, without telling me anything about his horoscope, he told me that Rahu in his Lagna creates problems for him, esp fights with others even if he does not want to fight.

Scrutiny of mediaeval literature shows that D-1 was the only divisional chart which ruled on all horoscopes, and out of the remaining fifteen divisionals, only the two deities but not the house chart of D-2 and sometimes D-9 were used by a few. Other divisionals were utterly neglected. In my article published in Gitapress's Kalyan magazine's Jyotisha special annual issue of , I explained this phenomenon to be a result of modern worldly man's preoccupation with Body D-1 , Wealth D-2 and Marriage D With the advent of computers and astrological softwares, however, other divisionals and other neglected tools became readily available to astrologers.

The Ashram of Maharishi was in present day Ballia U. Maharishi Bhrigu was the first compiler of predictive astrology.

He compiled about , horoscopes and recorded the life details and events of various persons. This formed a database for further research and study. During foreign invasions of India by Muslims from the northwest in the 12 th and 13th th centuries, the brahmin community became dispersed all over India.