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Capricorn - Scorpio Compatibility Capricorn Matched With Scorpio When Capricorn and Scorpio get together this will be a love compatibility match that will be slow to start, but one with as much harmony as both want to enjoy. This is a highly compatible match, as Water and Earth are v… read more. Capricorn - Libra Compatibility Capricorn Matched With Libra When Capricorn and Libra decide to give it a whirl in love compatibility, they will have a tough time finding common ground.

That does not mean this match can't work, just that both zodiac signs will need to work a little… read more.

Capricorn and Virgo Love Compatibility

This is a … read more. Capricorn - Leo Compatibility Capricorn Matched With Leo Capricorn and Leo coming together in love compatibility is an exciting and dynamic relationship.

Although at first glance it may appear that this match has more differences than common ground, there could be nothing further… read more. Here we have two Cardinal Signs coming together in a love match that is ripe with leadership. This is the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capri… read more.

Capricorn - Gemini Compatibility Capricorn Matched With Gemini When Capricorn and Gemini pair to make a go at love compatibility, this is often the case of opposites attract.

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Here we have another match that some astrologers might say is not destined for the long haul, but we say, wh… read more. Fairly Compatible.

Good Compatibility. Low Compatibility. Wondful Compatibility.

Love Matches

Both of you cherish the relationship very much and you are cooperative and harmonious to get family happiness. You share the common personality of being loyal to love; The Capricorn could find the gentle and playful side of Taurus while Taurus can find the Capricorn is sincere and reliable.

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  6. Although you don't like to say love loudly, you can start from friends tacitly and get married later. Generally, you can work together and make efforts to get married, thus a couple enjoying the happy life.