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Year is now fast approaching; this year is to bring happiness, prosperity for some. At the same time for some this year can see decline in prospects. During this year weather is to come hard, leading to devastation I came to know about Pavitrajyotish kendra from internet.

Born on March 15 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

I took an appointment from Umeshji and met him Umeshji is a man of principle and truth. He provide me with very much tremendous and appropriate remedies,to solve my problems. The remedies suggested by Mr. Umeshji is very applicable and easy to do Today i am very much satisfied with his remedies Currently,I got a good job and the things are happening well around me..

I am very much thankful to Umeshji for his timely suggestions Talk to Astrologer 15 Min. Talk to Astrologer 30 Min.

Chinese Calendar of March 12222

Face to Face Consultation 30 Min. Face to Face Consultation 60 Min. Transit of Planets. Sun Transit Scorpio On 17th November Read More.. Sun Transit Libra On 18th October Saturn Transit , and — Capricorn on 24th January Saturn Transit , and — Capricorn on 24th January Hard task master enters own sign earth sign Capricorn from January 24th , PM. Jupiter Guru Transit — Scorpio to Sagittarius 5th November Benevolent and great cohesive force Jupiter enters own sign that dual nature last of fire sign Sagittarius on 5th November , am.

Saturn Retrograde on 30th April Saturn Retrograde on 30th April Hard taskmaster Saturn becomes retrograde from 30th April 06; 25 am. Sun Transit in Pisces On 15th March Ketu Mystery. Ketu Mystery Though Ketu is considered to be one of the most inauspicious and malefic planets, but because of being the strongest and salvation-giver, it is also considered an auspicious planet. Very attractive, people are constantly drawn to them.

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They spend a lot of time on external data, trying to always look perfect. People whose birthday is March 15th are very worried about their careers.

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Not infrequently, if they feel that they are not doing their job, they can quit almost completed projects. Always in their lives they will do what they are well versed in and what can bring them true pleasure. They have a unique gift to feel the situation. If necessary, they will rush to carry out their plans with a run, but if they feel that they need to be careful in the business they are involved in, they will not rush and gradually, with slow steps, they will go to success.

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People born on this day are very brave, and often risk in their lives. Not infrequently, they are fond of extreme sports.

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  6. People born in the middle of the third decade of Pisces, in their actions and actions, will feel the negative influence of the planet of Mars patronizing them. From what conditions these people will grow up, and what impact on the formation of their character, external factors will have, what they will become depends on. Quite often, people born on this day are harsh, callous, rude and often indifferent to others.

    They did not see love and affection in childhood and therefore do not know how to show these feelings to others. What a lot in the lives of these people depends on themselves.

    They must work hard on themselves, striving for perfection itself, and then they will be able to become successful, having achieved a lot in life. They have very strong personality traits and leadership inclinations. They are able to properly organize any business and lead people. Excellent speakers are not often well versed in psychology, so if they need to, they can easily manipulate those around them.