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This promises exciting opportunities coming out of the blue, surprises, and sudden unexpected changes. Set a clear intention of what you want to manifest at this time, to encourage this aspect to work really positively for you. The Moon will be very close to the Earth in its orbit, and therefore will exert a very strong pull on the tectonic plates, but also on our psyches.

This is a very big new beginning for each of us, so use this opportunity well. Even in times of cold hard reality, we have latitude in how we play our music. Jupiter went direct in August, and Pluto moves direct on 2nd October. So we are now on a fast run-down to January and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Have you invested a lot of work and effort into that 'house' area of life, or have things been a bit slow to move ahead? From now on you should feel increased momentum, and particularly if you have worked hard and handled re This message is emphasised with Saturn being conjunct the South Node all month, reflecting that we will get what we have earned in terms of how we have handled our power; excessively, or given it away to others.

This is an excellent time to build a foundation of a new self, of who you want to become in this next episode in life. Who do you want to be, what work do you want to do? What kind of structures and values do you want to build in your life?

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

This is one of the best times to start to create that next episode. Important Saturn turning points are great times for us to evaluate how far we've come in life, and can we celebrate what we have built? Do we need now to modify our direction going forwards to become as self-sufficient Saturn and responsible for our destiny as we can, with a very clear sense of who we are. From now until the end of , this is the opportunity that is being offered.

Libra is the sign of relationships, so remember that all your relationships are simply a reflection of yourself. If they bring us sadness or distress in any way, that is simply indicating a healing that needs to occur within you.

Total Lunar Eclipse

All of our relationships are our own energy system mirrored back to us. What is most important as our foundation is our relationship with ourselves. If we have self-love and a clear sense of who we are, all relationships work better, and we can use more of our light energy to send out to the world, in whatever modality we operate.

These are not for complete beginners, and are not exhaustive in terms of natal analysis, but will give you insights into emphasis in a birthchart, and therefore can help with chart synthesis. Enjoy, and I hope these are useful for you and will give you new information:.

This is a super-sensitive Full Moon, when feelings, emotions and vulnerabilities can come to the fore. Allow these to pass through you rather than consuming you, as Full Moons are perfect times to release what no longer serves you.

This highlights our beliefs fr We have the final square between Jupiter and Neptune on the 21st, so over this period question where you are sabotaging yourself or getting in your own way, by allowing old limited perceptions of yourself to act as obstacles in life. This is a perfect period to define new, more boundless possibilities in your life, where you truly can co-create a new you.

Remember that the future is not yet formed; we co-create it in every moment. With so many planets in Virgo in opposition to the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces, there may be unnecessary fretting and worrying as to whether we can complete something, 'get it over the line'. Try to trust, set clear intentions for what you want, and live in the flow of life, rather than lowering your frequency to anxiety.

The strongly Neptunian flavour of this Full Moon can allow us to dip into confusion or vulnerability, but one of the wonderful things about astrology is that we can 'change gear' on any of these transits. If we understand that these feelings are associated with Neptune, we can choose to feel a much more positive expression of Neptune by being creative, listening to music, breathwork, candle-gazing, meditation, and all of those wonderful modalities that take you to an altered state.

Every single one of us can choose the positive manifestation rather than the negative one; the music simply has to play.

Full Moon for January 2020

So make this an inspired, high-flying time of optimism, connection to Oneness, and a bigger better future vision for yourself and for the world; that is the promise of this Full Moon. There are so very helpful points in here which I feel are very important in evaluating romantic relationships. This video explains the teaching videos more fully, if you would like to purchase them the link is in the top right hand corner of the video and also in the description below.

I'll be putting out more teaching videos very soon:. This is potentially a beautiful, creative and inspiring Full Moon, that can raise our vision to create a more compassionate and loving world. However as the Moon is tightly conjunct Neptune in Pisces, it also holds the potential for confusion and feelings running very high. This is likely to produce one of many peaks in the Brexit quagmire, which promi Emotions are running very hot on this issue with a split country and parliament, and there has been a legal ruling today that the prorogation of parliament for the next 5 weeks is unlawful.

The options become narrower, the confusion greater, and the feelings more intense. Where we place our energy defines how this Full Moon will play out for you.

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If we focus on creating a better more loving world for self and other, then it is more likely to manifest that way, as we are energising the positive potential. Try not to get swept up in the drama wherever you are experiencing it in the world. This pours energy into the negative, chaotic and dysfunctional side that we can all see playing out, as Pluto continues its relentless grind through Capricorn, deconstructing old power systems.

Significance of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction ~ Podcast

It's fine to observe and be the witness, just don't let it affect you negatively. Remember whatever political challenges you are observing in the world, they all have a long way to run. This month is particularly karmic, with transiting Saturn conjunct the South Node. We tend to 'get what we have earned' under this aspect, depending on how hard we have worked and whether we have handled responsibility well. It's a chickens coming home to roost time.

This may be manifesting in your own life, but it is also interesting that transiting Saturn is also exactly squaring the Nodal Axis of the UK right now 1st January , Democratic systems here are being tested more than they have been since Charles I was beheaded, and England briefly became a republic. This Full Moon has a huge amount of creativity within it, as it has 7 planets in mutable signs, increasing our flexibility to see things from others' points of view, and also the Moon conjunct Neptune, ruler of Pisces, can give us a real sense of altered states from which to create.

It's complex energy as the four planets in Virgo Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars encourage our focus to The square from Jupiter to the Moon, Neptune, Mars and the Sun can lead us to feel optimistic about our tasks - but perhaps unrealistically so.

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We may feel that our attention is spread too thinly, or pulled in different directions 7 mutable planets or scattered at times. Try to balance the creativity with achieving small tasks, one by one, in a logical order, to prevent your focus dissipating. We're coming up to the final square between Jupiter and Neptune on the 21st.

As I have written and spoken many times, this can be wonderfully inspiring, can help us a achieve a spiritual vision, and create a higher state of being via meditation, chanting, listening to sacred music, etc. However it also carries with it the potential for 'big bubbles' of illusion or even delusion. It may be even harder than normal to know what is true and what is not, and confusion and craziness amongst leaders and governments may seem greater than ever. Full Moons are always times when feelings and emotions can come to a head, and this is especially true of one in Pisces. As the Moon is tightly conjunct Neptune in Pisces, we can use this to advance our spiritual practice, but be aware that the world around us may seem even more confused than ever.

Best Takeaway from Astrology Hub’s Podcast Episode 008:

It is likely that we will have another one of many peak in the Brexit quagmire at this time too, with feelings high on all sides. Stay out of the dramas, keep your equilibrium, and know that the 3D world and its structures are meant to be collapsing behind you, while we have even greater power to co-create our future, which is being formed with your energy too, in every moment.

I'm putting this out a couple of days early as I am taking a much needed week's break. I haven't had a day away from the computer this year - so a big rest is needed! I will therefore not be able to answer questions and comments in the way that I normally do, but will be back on track on the 8th. Use this powerful new seeding time well, as the Grand Trine in Earth will aid you in your projects and progress. The Sun is conjunct Mars until 4th September, giving you the initiative and courage to take the risk with something new.

Ignore the dramas and what is collapsing in the old world, and just focus on creating your own future through intention, visualisation, and keeping your frequency high. Remember that the future is not yet formed, we are creating it in every moment. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help.

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